Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Lalo's Ventura

Lalo's Fast Food
1580 N. Ventura Ave.
Ventura, CA  93001

Lalo's is one of two places that the old timers talk about when heading to the Avenues. (Johnny's Fine Mexican Food on the other end of the Avenues is the other), and I went there a lot when I first moved to Ventura. But I generally like sitting inside when I eat, and I don't like to bring food home, so I usually head to Cuernavaca (a place I really need to write about here).
But Cuernavaca is on a two week holiday. I was out bike riding with my daughter and taking pictures for my other blog (consider this a shameless plug for my Pictures of Ventura Churches photo blog) on the Avenues, and my daughter and I were really hungry. 

Seafood through this door
Whenever I drive by, there always seems to be a crowd, but the line moved pretty fast. I felt 'surf and turf', and ordered a pulpo (octopus) tostada ($5) and a carne asada soft taco ($2).  My daughter opted for the quesadilla con carne asada ($6.50). I had the Mexican bottled Coke and my daughter went with a Lime Jarrito.

Strangely, at least I thought, I had to go around the corner from the order window to the screened-in patio area to place my tostada order. The tostada was up first. Some sort of  mayonaise-based white sauce and avocado, with tapitio and lime, all on a crunchy tortilla, it was fresh and good.

 The rest of the food came up a moment or two later. My daughter powered down her quesadilla, and said she really liked it. The taco, though meaty, was a bit chunky and chewy, and would have benefitted from having the meat cut a bit smaller. Also, I thought the red sauce tasted like a ranchero sauce and not really a salsa. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't what I expected. Still, I'd eat it all again.

A couple of other quick asides. The stand is attached to a house and car wash. I don't know if everything is connected to one another-the paint scheme is all the same, which is why I have that impression.

It's worth a trip.

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